Sammy's Walks 2018


The Forest of Dean is a favourite haunt of dog walkers, away from traffic and with miles of tracks and paths to explore. Its very size however also makes it rather daunting for newcomers. Starting from popular spots such as Wenchford, Mallards Pike and Speech House, this collection of 23 dog walks will benefit anyone who doesn't know the Forest well.


What people said about Sammy's Walks:

"We booked a couple of days stay in the Forest Of Dean with our dog, so we needed a decent book to give us a good few walks with our dog. This book was a really good buy. Our dog loved the walks and so did we. The instructions were clear and concise and we didn't get lost at all."

"We did a walk from the book every day and had a really good time. It was really easy to follow..."

"...It was brilliant to have the walk all worked out for me as I always get lost in the Forest and the information given was accurate and easy to follow."