The Guardians of the Forest

Cheryl Burman

Madach empire-builder Lord Rafe wants the trees - all of them. And he wants the Danae too - all of them.


Callie’s forest rings to the thwack of enemy axes. Her people are trapped. Their leaders scoff at her warnings of the Danae’s fate at the hands of the invaders - their Forest razed and themselves sold as fairytale slaves. When Callie searches for help in the secret places of the forest, she discovers her own magic. Will it be enough? The gryphon who watched over the forest is dying, her successor a mere baby. The wild creatures will fight. But Callie also needs Tristan, the son of the destroyer. Will Tristan betray his father? Can Callie and the creatures stop the desolation?


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Gwen and Mark battle bears, slave trader robbers, torrential rivers and the trees themselves in their quest for the mythical Sleih.


The invading Madach have discovered the Danae villages and Gwen and Mark flee into the perilous Deep Forest. They must find the Sleih, who may or may not be a myth, and who may or may not help as, so village lore proclaims, they helped the Danae once before - for a price. And where is their lost sister, Lucy? Has she fallen foul of the robber Madach who capture Gwen and Mark?


While the brother and sister battle the dangers of the Deep Forest, an ambitious and powerful Seer hunts for them, desperate to thwart their quest. Can Mark and Gwen reach the Sleih before the Seer finds them and destroys all hope of rescue for the imprisoned Danae?


Will Gwen, Mark and Lucy be in time to save the Danae from their fate as fairytale slaves?


Callie, the wild creatures, and the young gryphon harass the Madach tree-fellers with secret help from Tristan. But the invaders’ ships steadily fill with timber and now there is only room left in the holds for the even richer cargo of Danae fairytale slaves.


Lady Melda plots to steal Gwen’s gryphon pendant, for once she has that, all her ambitions for power will be fulfilled.


Gwen, Mark and Lucy hurry home with the Sleih rescuers, facing old enemies and gathering new allies. But when they reach the Forest, they find ruin and desolation.


Can Lady Melda be stopped? Can the Danae be saved? Can the Forest be redeemed from the invaders’ destruction?